The keeper of the train transport is České dráhy (ČD, Czech Railways). Only some local railways are kept by private owner and they have another tariff than ČD. The trains are divided into some categories. The basic division is on first and second category. 
Osobní vlak (Os) - Stopping train: These trains run on local railways and stop in every station. Some of the stations are request stop. You have to give sign to train service if you want to get off. 
Spěšný vlak (S): This type of train runs on longer railways and halts only in bigger station. 
Rychlík (R ) - Fast train: passengers have to pay an additional charge - it stops only at important railway stations or intersections of bigger towns and cities. 

Public transport 

Ústí nad Labem has its own public transport system. You have to buy a ticket for travelling by public transport. There are three possibilities to buy it. 

  • Buy a ticket (for 45 min - you can change buses during this time) in a shop/ ticket machine for 18 CZK 
  • Buy a ticket (for 60 min - you can change buses during this time) in a shop/ ticket machine for 21 CZK 
  • Buy a ticket (for 60 min - you can change buses during this time) from a bus driver for 25 CZK 
  • Buy the student coupon (for 1 - 3 months), which costs from 265 CZK to 618 CZK). They are available at ticket shop at Hraničář or Revoluční Street. Passport photo and student card is required. 
  • Send a message (SMS) in the “MDJ” format to 902 06. Its period of validity is 60 minutes and the price is 20 CZK. 

Ondra Tips

Who is Ondra? Ondra is sloth (yes, sloth, not a teddy bear!) and official mascot of ESN Usti. He's famous all over the world (okay, not all world, but he is famous, you can trust us!). 

You can add as a friend on facebook (Ondra Esn-usti). Sometimes he is active, sometimes not. Mostly he is sleeping in our ESN office, but he loves his Erasmus people, so that's why he is giving you those OndraTips, which should help you with living in Ústí nad Labem.