15/03/2018 - 21:00 to 23:59

The Legends Rock Cafe - ÚnL

Mírové náměstí 37
40001 Ústí
Czech Republic

Hi, everyone!

Saint Patrick's day is coming and we are pretty sure you agree that a party needs to be thrown to enjoy this famous Irish celebration! All those who wonder what is it about - you can read some interesting facts in the link below. But what you need to know - it is common to wear green clothes during this time so the dress code for our party is prety obvious. :) Be creative!!

More info about the celebration:'s_Day

But that's not all! You enjoyed and will enjoy many parties during your Erasmus so this time, we want to offer you slightly different experience. This thursday will be held in the sign of responsible drinking. What it means? During the whole party, you will see our ESN buddies-ambassadors around - people whose task will be to provide you with useful information concerning responsible drinking and what's more - they will prepare some pretty cool and funy competitions and activites. By attending these, you will have a chance to win many interesting and nice prices.

So see you there, guys!!

MEETING || at The Legends Rock Cafe at 9:00PM (21:00)
DON'T FORGET || Green clothes