Will I get a Buddy? 

Don't worry, you will. You just need to register to our Buddy system. If you don't do it, you can't get a Buddy. 

Can I choose my Buddy? 

You can write us your specific wishes and we will try our best. Feel free to send an email to info@esn-usti.cz

How can I contact my buddy? 

Here is the good thing, you don't have to. Your buddy will contact you so you don't have to worry about it. 

How can I find someone who will help me? 

Every Erasmus student who will register gets the Buddy. Buddy is your first "friend" in Ústí, who will help you with everything important. For example, he/she will wait for you at the train station when you first arrive in Ústí. You really don't have to worry, every student will get Buddy. We will start to assign Buddies during January/August. And then he/she will contact you with important information and help you. 

Will ESN Usti help us with finding a flat/house to rent? 

Almost every student from Erasmus program lives at dormitories, so you don't have to be worried about the accommodation. 

When and how I can book my student room? 

You can book your room anytime you want. You just need to write the exact date in the application, which you should get from our University. If they don't send you that information, please, let us know and we will find that application for you. 

I sent my application documents. How long does it take to come to the University? 

Sorry, but unfortunately we don't know the answer to this question. This information is safe with University. If you are unsure, write an email to University, and try to ask them, they should help you. 

I have a problem with an application for my insurance/visa. What should I do? 

If you have a problem with getting the visa, please, contact IRO because we are not able to help you with it. 

How can I get from Prague to Ústí nad Labem? 

Be sure that at first, you visit our website, where you can find manual how to get from Prague to Ústí.  We also recomend to download IDOS app and DÚKapka.

When can I visit ESN office? 

ESN office is available only during the official Opening hours. The information about Opening hours is on our website or on facebook - or just ask us directly ;)

I am not an Erasmus, but I am still a student from abroad who is going to study at UJEP this year. Could you please give me some tips? 

You can add yourself to our Facebook group, where we are sharing our tips or events you can attend. You can also visit our website, where you can find all important information in one place. 

When do you share the photographs from events? And where can we find them? 

We continuously upload some photos from the events to our social networks. If you are interested in photos from a particular event, just write to us and we will provide them to you. Please also note that when you sign the event attendance sheet you agree to be photographed. However, if you happen to not want to be publicly shared in a photo, just write and we will take down the photo in question. 

Where can I find an official address of ESN Usti? 

Koleje UJEP K1, Klíšská 979/129, 400 01 Ústí nad Labem
(The office is hidden deep in the school dorms UUUUU :D ) 

How's Ondra? 

He's fine. He loves you as sloth. ;)