Your Erasmus at Usti nad Labem

Hi there and welcome in Usti nad Labem!

I'm Petr, your Buddy.
We are volunteering university students ready to help you at the beginning of your stay with all that needed stuff around. We're part of ESN in case you already heard of it, in case you haven't you will soon ;)

But first things first:
- Do you know the date and time you're coming? (so I can pick you up from the train station)
- Are you coming with someone else or just by yourself?
- Do you have all your visas and insurance and so on?
- Please mind you'll need at least 12 500 CZK in cash (approx. 500 EUR) to pay the dormitory (2,5 months rent + deposit)
- By the way, there is a Welcome Week for new exchange students, it starts xx September, are you coming? 
In case you need some help with transportation, it's AE Bus (Airport Express) from the airport - 100CZK and then train from Prague to Usti nad Labem - approx 200 CZK. Have you ever been around here? Do you know what is the weather here in Ústí nad Labem usually like?

Looking forward to meeting you and please let me know in case you need something else, I'll try to help you.
Write me back ASAP please so I can arrange my time schedule.

Stay in touch and see ya!

PS: You can contact me using this email or give it a shot via facebook (
PPS: it's always a good idea to save my cell phone number so we can reach each other at the station: +420602110070 could you write me yours, please?

  • Buďte friendly
  • Pište svému erasmákovi z Gmailu (Seznam a podobné často končí ve spamu)
  • Pokud se vám neozve, zkuste to za pár dní znovu, zkuste ho najít na Facebooku...pokud bude situace kritická, kontaktujte našeho HR managera ( a ten zkusí situaci vyřešit